The TRUTH On Chris Rock & The “Mystery Kid”

Lawrence Schwartzwald/splashnewsChris Rock and daughter,  Zahra (right), and another little girl.

Yesterday the The NY Post ran a story on their Page Six column concerning Chris Rock being spotted with a little girl. Speculation swirled since someone accused Chris of being their “Baby Daddy” last year. DNA test proved it to be false, but just the sight of him with this baby got tongues wagging. Well, turns out the little “mystery kid” is a  2- year-old girl from South Africa, whom he and his wife have custody of. No word on the child’s mother, but her grandmother is said to be very ill & she has been in the Rock’s care for six month’s now.

Whew! Thank God that’s cleared up. Not in the mood for another scandal.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

The MANE Attraction!

Yesterday on Oprah the discussion was hair & Chris Rock was the “expert”. You gotta know this was non-stop laughs right? The focus was on how much time, money, & energy we- namely women of color- invest on our ‘dos. It was funny because I know what it takes to maintain your mane, however it’s hilarious when men make the discovery. They don’t know what we do or how we do it, all they know is we look good. But what was even more interesting was to see how our white counterparts obsess over their hair just as much we do. For ages we’ve always assumed that white women naturally had long hair. But what we didn’t know was that their hair is thin and they’ll use extensions to add fullness. They also use perms to make their hair curly while we use it to straighten our hair. And many of them have been dying their hair for so long they don’t remember what the original color is. So the “issue” is not just OUR issue.

The black hair care business pulls in more than nine billion dollars annually. Unfortunately, black folks aren’t seeing any of that bread. Are we surprised? Asians got the beauty supply store business on LOCK! Yet, African American beauticians & hair stylists are plentiful. One beautician showed Chris a weave in the price range of $1,000, AND she offers a Lay-A-Way plan!

Chris took a trip to Chennai, India where they export hair. The folks “donating” their hair think they’re giving it to the church, yet it’s being sold to the US as weaves. And they receive pennies for this sacrifice.

Solange Knowles was a guest on the show as well, and she looked amazing! Like so many others, she too had grown tired of being a hostage to her hair & decided to whack it off. Good look Solange! And Chris spoke what I was thinking: with the extra hair, Solange was a “typical” beauty. But NOW, without the bells & whistles, we see her for the true natural beauty she is! Whoa!

Bottom Line: When We Are True To Ourselves, African American Women Are STUNNING! And ANYONE Who Doesn’t Appreciate Our Beauty Isn’t Worthy Of Our Time.

-“The BklynBandette”. Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.