Comedian Spanky Hayes exposes Tyrese as Gay?

Up and Coming comedian Spanky Hayes done opened up a can of worms.

Back on Tuesday He took to You Tube and made comments about Tyrese Gibson being gay and getting Roles because He  sucked d..k for roles  Click Here for that







MY WORD: Man! I don’t know if I believe this  but let me ask you people something. Why is it that black  successful entertainers  always have to be looked upon as gay?

Thandie Newton says ” Hollywood famous Producer made her masturbate for a role”


Thandie Newton - One Billion Rising flashmob in...

Well we have all known this for years but Thandie Newton says that Hollywood Producers made her play with herself on camera in order to consider her for the role ” even though I was 18 It was sexual abuse” says Thandie

Sorry Thandie producers and Directors been asking Actresses to get naked,have sex and give them head for roles for as long as I can remember