J-Lo Throws SHade at Exes and Reveals The Craziest Place She Had Sex


Jennifer Lopez is on fire right now, After shutting it down at the Golden Globe awards and her steamy love scenes in  the new film ” Boy Next Door” J-Lo has been everywhere promoting her new film and to what many people  think ” Her new boobs”  She stopped by  the Andy Cohen show  to talk about  Her ex boyfriends, sex in crazy places and if she prefers Mariah or Britney   Click Here

MY WORD:  J-Lo is what  45?  she is looking  way better than these chicks 25   damn! I wish I was one of theose ex boyfriends

Britney Spears Flaunting her Body On Women’s Health Magazine

Britney Spears Flaunts Her Fabulous Figure in a Bikini for 'Women's Health'

Oops! she did it again! What exactly did Queen Brit Brit do again?  I don’t know  but whenever I see her body looking like this it makes me wanna sing. The 33-year-old Pop Superstar covers Women Health Magazine  and this is what she shared with them 

On her body: “After I had Jayden, it was real easy for me to get back in shape. But five years later, I started noticing changes in my body. My hips are a little bit wider because I’ve had kids. So it was crucial for me to be continuous with my exercise. Consistency is key.”

On how she stays in shape: “Daily exercise is important for me both mentally and physically. I don’t mind working out. Trainers keep you motivated, but I didn’t have a problem being motivated. Dancing is a great cardio workout- tough and fun at the same time.”

On her motto: “I’m not about the biggest and the best-I’m about enjoying my life, more than anything”


MY WORD : She Looks amazing the original WHootie is back kicking ass and taking names

Who Is Trying To Kill Britney Spears? What!!!!!

The Music Industry is an evil industry, The moment you can no longer flood their pockets ( The Powers that Be)  they kick you to the curb . The moment you decide  you no longer want to send your soul to hell  or sell your soul  then they start to defame you.. If that does not work  they will take you out!!  Listen to this show about Who is Trying to Kill  Britney Spears

Britney To Porn Star Who Slept With Her BF: “I Can Destroy You”




Britney Spears has taken off the gloves and she is prepared to play dirty. As we know Brit’s  now ex boyfriend David Lucado Allegedly  cheated on her with a Porn star name Cali  Lee,But now it gets deeper, Britney Spears people are trying to bully the women who allegedly cheated with her Boyfriend Continue reading

Hot off the Blok Celebrity Truths for Dec 29



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Lady Gaga&R Kelly was the performance too much? who’s the best Gaga,Miley or Britney

Lady Gaga & R Kelly  Dry Humping? WHo’s the best Miley,Gaga,Britney or Rihanna

BY now you have all seen or heard about Lady Gaga and R Kelly‘s performance on Saturday Night Live.  A lot of people (mostly white men and black females) have a problem with it  saying  “it was too raunchy  (Gaga and Kelly performed simulated dry humping on the stage) while others like myself concentrated more on the fact that here is one of the top artist in the world today doing a collab with an all time great and they were singing live..  Call up and talk about this 646-595-4038  Tuesday night  on the Heaven Hollywood Experience on Dollhouse Radio http://blogtalkradio.com/dollhouseradio



The Heaven Hollywood Experience 09/03 Britney Coming for Gaga

Sept 9th Episode was a episode to remember. It marked the return of Heaven Hollywood to BTR and he brought the entire #britneyarmy with him and the show was crazy. He also interview with Sexy India Morel   wait until you hear this   new exclusive clip from a new Britney song?

The Heaven Hollywood Experience 09/03 by Dollhouse Radio by India Morel | Entertainment Podcasts.

My Moment With Britney Spears

Briney Spears #Werk it Bitch

It was 330 Am Eastern Standard Time when My Cell Phone Rang and it was My Buddy who is now  an Assistant to a well-known Pop/Dance Producer in the Industry. Now My friend I will just call Him D for now is also an up and coming songwriter. ” Are you sleep? He says to me  No! I reply just online, He then told me to check this out    He starts to play  funky uptempo pop/dance track with Heavy Bass and Synth . It is  definitely a song I have not heard before . I immediately think Janet Jackson because that is the first person that came to mind but then I heard the vocals start after  8 bars of music and I thought ” wait a minute  that is not Janet. I heard the soft vocals riff though my phone and I quickly said who is this? ” You hear it?  he says  as he lets me hear more  I said hell yeah  he said  ” That’s your girl”   The moment he said that  I knew right away he was talking about  ” GODney aka Goddess Brit aka #ITSBRITNEYBITCH.. I said ” say word”  He quickly switches the track to another mid tempo Hip Hop/pop like track   If i was to Guess who it was without knowing anything  I would have probably said   Will I am or Black Eyed Peas  but Again I heard a Raw/Unfiltered Britney  sounding more amazing  in that quick 40 seconds then I can ever remember her sounding.. My boy said ” Dope huh” and before I can start asking questions  he told me the scoop. He was in the studio earlier that night With Britney the Producer he works for and several other engineers and Producers working on this new project of Britney Spears. Even though he did not have to  he gave me the verbal warning” I am trusting you  do not let this out  do not record this  do not send this out  I could lose my job and be ruined because Pop Artist especially ” White artist spends a great deal of time and money in making sure there projects are not leaked. He assured me I was the only one he was giving a quick teaser to because 1 We have been friends for years and 2 he knew I was the biggest Britney Spears fan he knew. He knew I had seen her in concert over 50 times and even flew out of the country twice to see her  and cried my whole flight because I am petrified of plains. I said to him  she straight singing like this on all of the album? He tells me ” Most of it” then tells me  he has not heard the songs that  this Producer that he works for  was not working on  but from what he can tell  she is singing like never before. He says ” he thinks she has went to a vocal coach and all trying to concentrate more on her vocals than anything on this album. ” She has hired giant songwriters and producers so she can concentrate more on her vocals for this project”  He said that Britney once she heard this track play through with her 1st cut of vocals that she ” was very pleased” and told one of the producers in the studio with her usual sassy “Brit Wit” “um Hold That Applause”  Due to the protection of my friend and the loyalty I have for him I can’t release any vocals or share any lyrics to the songs that I remember. I can however let the entire #BritneyArmy know  that Goddess Britney is back and these MONSTERS,BIRDS and BEY’s need to come up off her throne  because once she drops in Sept  it’s a wrap for these chicks #Werk  IT’s Britney Bitch

YES There is A Major Collaboration coming. You Will be shocked . I didn’t see this coming

MY friend also left me in the dark about the Title of The Album. For some reason I believe it will be called All Eyes On Me  with #Werk as the lead single.. I wish I could say more but just know  BritneyArmy we are so ready for the Queen to return

Exclusive:Kanye West “Yeezus” Leaks 4 days early Check it out



I don’t see how it always happens  These rappers albums leak no matter how much they try for it not to.  I wonder do Taylor Swift’s albums leak  and Britney Spears ? Why only rappers albums?   Well the long-awaited Yeezus album  hits the net 4 days early. You heard about the listening party  you heard people like Peter Rosenberg speaking on it  now judge for yourself. I know one thing I will be supporting and getting my copy on Tuesday June 18th  this could be a masterpiece

MY WORD: UPDATED    Early reports in that Kanye is on pace to sell 500k in the first week  if Yeezus and the Daily news has already given it a 5 star review saying it will be a all-time classic