Exclusive Meagan Good Releases Statement About Nude Pics Were They Her?

The Internet is still buzzing after seeing nude selfies of Meagan Good yesterday, as she was the latest to get hit by the celebrity hacker.  The big question everyone wanted to know  is where they real or photoshopped? Meagan put out a statement today answering that question Continue reading

Kendall Jenner exposes Breast wow

Check out Kendall Jenner just a few days after she turned 18   She is looking more and more Like her big sister Kim

Here is a pic compliments of Perez Hilton  of Kendall’s bootie behind the scenes


MY WORD:  I believe Kendall will pose for Playboy before she turns 19 years old and get one of the biggest pay days in Playboy history


Mya Still the Baddest Chick


No fake eyes needed  no fake hair needed  no lipo suction,ass shots or breast implants   this is what makes MYA the baddest chick in the game right now Have you seen her new pics? Lord have mercy  and then check out some flicks from BSO.com



The Mighty Infamous Kat Stacks Is BACK … INTOXICATED!!! (Gotta Love Her)

Here is a video of Kat Stacks drunk and wasted. Look at these 2 niggas trying to cop a quick feel.  smh

My Word: these dudes trying to get a cheap feel. lol. She is pissed drunk and they still can’t seem to get anywhere? Listen to them corny ass ‘bamas.

Khloe Kardashian Plays “Peek- A- Boob”

Kourtney Kardashian beach miami reality bikini fake breasts Khloe Kardashian balcony

Ok, while husband Lamar Odom is busy helping the Lakers seemingly lose every other night, Khloe Kardashian was on a hotel balcony playing her own rendition of “Kardashians Gone Wild.

My Take: Khloe do you think once Lamar sees this he will think it’s funny?

Photos – Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies Award WINNERS! – Best Abs – Female – UsMagazine.com

Recently got a hold to Hollywoods hottest bods. check out the winners

Photos – Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies Award WINNERS! – Best Abs – Female – UsMagazine.com

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Cameroon Women Iron Daughter’s Breasts. (smh)

The next time you complain to your friends how uncomfortable it was having your breasts squeezed flat during your last mammogram, imagine how it would feel if those pinching plates were heated up until they were red hot. And then be grateful you’re not a 9-year-old girl having her breasts ironed flat by her mother.

Though not publicly acknowledged, many pubescent girls in the West African country of Cameroon are subjected to the practice of breast ironing, which involves massaging a child’s growing breasts with an object like a stone, hammer or spatula that has been heated over coals, until the breasts actually disappear, according to a recent report in the Washington Post.

Some girls also wear a breast band — fabric bands such as those commonly worn by women who undergo breast augmentation — after the procedure to continually compress the breast area.

Most often performed by a girl’s mother, breast ironing attempts to rid young girls of the signs of puberty, producing a flat, nonsexual, childlike chest in the hopes of preventing unwanted male attention, rape and premarital pregnancy, the United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] states.

Slightly larger in size than California, Cameroon has a population of nearly 19 million, with 40 percent of residents 14 years old or younger, according to the CIA’s World Factbook. The government of Cameroon has been cited repeatedly by the U.S. State Department for human rights violations, including societal violence and discrimination against women, female genital mutilation, child labor and human trafficking — primarily involving children.

The practice of breast ironing is usually a well-kept secret between a young girl and her mother — the father often remains completely unaware of it. The UNFPA reports girls believe what their mothers are doing is for their own good, and keep silent.

“Before this breast band, my mother used the grinding stone — heated in the fire — to massage my chest,” Josaine Matia, an 11-year-old Cameroonian girl, says on the UNFPA Web site. “Every night my mother examines my chest [and] massages me, sometimes with the pestle,” Matia adds. “Although I cry hard because of the pain, she tells me: ‘Endure, my daughter; you are young and there is no point in having breasts at your age’.”

The UNFPA reports the practice is now inflicted upon 24 percent of all Cameroonian women as young as the age of 9 — that’s about one girl in every four, with a 2006 survey estimating that 4 million women had already undergone breast ironing.

Per the State Department, a 2005 survey found that 39 percent of women in the country living with a man — married or unmarried — were victims of domestic violence, which Cameroon law does not specifically prohibit. While the minimum legal age for a woman to marry is 15, many families facilitate the marriage of young girls by the age of 12, and spousal abuse is not a legal ground for divorce.

Washington Post reporter Jamie Rich describes her experiences living in Douala, Cameroon, where she encountered a young girl on the street who had scars where there should have been a small nipple or budding breast. Rich talked to local women, girls, physicians and community organizers and reports that “despite the pain and fear, many of the women and girls involved in breast ironing considered it a normal treatment for early breast development.”

“Mothers told me they forcibly try to eliminate the signs of puberty to protect their preteen girls from HIV and pregnancy. One mother explained that she did it out of love,” Rich writes.

In 2007, Cameroon ranked 15 in the world for HIV/AIDS prevalence and for HIV/AIDS deaths, according to the World Factbook.

Breast ironing is considered a human rights violation by the State Department, UNFPA and a number of nonprofit organizations that lead the fight against the practice in Cameroon. Breast ironing is terribly painful and violates a young girl’s physical integrity, while exposing her to “numerous health problems such as abscesses, itching, discharge of milk, infection, dissymmetry of the breasts, cysts, breast infection, severe fever, tissue damage and even the complete disappearance of one or both breasts,” according to the UNFPA. The practice also has been linked to breast cancer and emotional stress.

Rich reports the practice of breast ironing evolved to counteract a teen pregnancy problem, and says being young and pregnant is not uncommon in Cameroon, with an estimated 30 percent of women having unwanted pregnancies, according to local health care workers, including Serges Moukam, an ob-gyn in Douala, who explains that teen pregnancy is a “poverty perpetuating” problem.

“Promiscuity and rape both factor into the high teen pregnancy rate,” Moukam tells the Post, but breast ironing prevents neither, a fact that is confirmed by the UNFPA. Pregnant girls ages 12 to 17 make up 25 to 30 percent of Moukam’s patients.

“It’s very rare to see a 13-year-old girl who is still a virgin,” he tells the newspaper.

Nonprofits in Cameroon are lobbying for sex education, as well as laws to criminalize breast ironing, with a 10-year prison sentence for those caught practicing the custom. Other groups suggest more tolerance for the mothers, and call for more education, not legislation.

UNFPA calls for prosecution of perpetrators, though they advocate for countries to raise public awareness about the dangers of breast ironing, and suggest frank discussions of sexuality between parents and children — though they also theorize that parents may prefer to rid their daughters of the signs of puberty to avoid such culturally taboo conversations.

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