What The Game Done Did? Interview Could Land Him In Jail?

The Game’s Recent Radio Appearance Could Land Him In Jail

Sometimes you just gotta hush your mouth 

After his beef with Young Thug reared its ugly head once again, things got a bit more serious when The Game issued threats to an NYC DJ during his interview with the Breakfast Club. Game threatened to “break [DJ Star’s] jaw when [I] see him” and now faces potential arrest the next time he touches down in New York City.

Apparently, after Star heard the threat on the radio show, he contacted the NYPD according to Page Six. It’s unclear what Game would officially be charged with, but I’m pretty sure he’s not eager to find out.

The Game’s Documentary 2 album drops next week.

My Word: Who is this snitching? Dj Star? That can’t be the infamous Star  From Star and Bucwild could it? Nahh  not snitching  could it?

Exclusive !! Kelly Rowland ” Dirty Laundry” talks hating Beyonce’ and abusive relationship

Kelly Rowland, backstage at T4 on the Beach in...

Kelly Rowland, backstage at T4 on the Beach in Weston-Super-Mare, England, July 2008. Photo copyright Jamey Howard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today on “The Breakfast Club” They debut a new song  from Kelly Rowland entitled ” Dirty Laundry”  in the song Kelly speaks on her hating on Beyoncé and her abusive relationship allegedly with her ex boyfriend   everyone is assuming it’s about Roy Williams  her  ex fiance.. Kelly let’s the world inside  her heart and her soul   in a very personal and intimate piece

SMash or TRash?


I like it  Hell one thing that woman beater was right about  Beyoncé  don’t care about Kelly  Bey cares about Bey and Jay  that’s it   oh and Blue

Erica Mena is the real victim not DJ Envy or his wife

DJ Envy Admits To Affair On-Air, Erica Mena Responds On Twitter

Look  May I first say  that  What I am about to state is strictly my opinion based on what I know,who I know and reliable sources that know both people.

I do not know Erica Mena (i would like to meet her) she actually has me blocked on twitter. I am cool with everyone else from LHH except Erica. I have met D.J Envy in the past an each time I met him he always act as though he was above everyone else. I have also known several people  deep in the industry that has said  he was ” a douche” “stuck up” think he is better than everyone  but let’s just Keep It 100.   First off Erica Mena had no idea  that D.J Envy was married, she was in this thinking that Envy was her man  and that he was  if not single at least available.. When the news broke that D.J Envy was apologizing to his wife on air  this took Erica by surprise  now look  If  you float about this industry and you have friends in the industry  EVERYONE knew that this was not the first time  Envy has been caught or said to be  having extra marital affairs, this is also not the first time he has lied to women about his marriage and is also not the first time his wife has been warned/told about other women.  Erica Mena  was not living in New York she was off trying to make a name for herself  when she was introduced to Envy.  If she is told by this well-known DJ  that he was not married  and he was often at her beck and call  taking her on shopping sprees,spending money on vacations and get aways  and even setting up a condo  would you think a married man would be allowed to do all that? A lot of people are quick to judge Erica but lets keep it real  even if she was to find out  How many of you hypocrites  would stop seeing the playa stop receiving the gifts and the bags and the shoes? Dj Envy owes his wife respect  not Erica Mena  she doesn’t know Envy’s wife, She did not take a vow he did..  I have read some timelines  of other people on twitter who have also said that Envy was at one time  smashing them  and they also was said to have received some sought of gift  at one point. I refuse to believe that more than one woman is lying about Envy it’s not like he is a HUGE star.  So why is Erica getting crucified in the court of public opinion? why is she the bad person? what did she do? what vow did she break? It is easy to pick on the reality star/ the urban model  / the groupie the stripper  these days because celebrities make them out to be  just that. What many people do not know  and I learned this from a female who have been involved with several rappers,singers in the game. These dudes hit these chicks up all the time  they keep tabs on them  like they are their women  they call other rappers and promoters  to keep an eye on them  when they are in the clubs meanwhile  they have women at home  that they are lying to and deceiving. Erica Mena is no angel  but  im sorry this time she is the victim  DJ envy owes not only his wife and apology but Erica Mena,  and whoever else  that he deceived  while he was out to satisfy the only person  he has  been said to ever truly care about, Himself


50 cent ” I should have Knicked Diddy out”



Recently Machine Gun Kelly was on the Breakfast Club when he was asked about 50 cent running up on Diddy and he confirmed it was trueLater on 50 All but confirmed that rumor on twitter

“@50cent u should a knocked diddy out lmaoooo,” tweeted a follower.

The rapper retweeted, “I know RT @50cent u shoulda knocked diddy out lmaoooo.”

What do you think? You think 50 would have punked Diddy?

Exclusive: Gunplay says 50 cent laid grown man hands on him and his chain got taken


Here is more. Gunplay the member of M.M.G that got jumped by G unit members have now said  that it was not Yayo or Banks it was actually 50 and his security  that jumped him. Gunplay called up The Breakfast Club in New York and set the record straight  and said “if it was Miami  50,jeezy and  the rest would have been laid out”


I give him props for being 100 but damn Gunplay come on dog you need your people  with you  you know how dudes get down these days



Eva Marcelle says “Melyssa Ford only wanted Flo-Rida after she dated him

People:  Melyssa Ford

People: Melyssa Ford (Photo credit: Roundup Russy)

English: Rapper Flo Rida on the set of the mus...

English: Rapper Flo Rida on the set of the music video for his song “Sugar” in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Actress/Model Eva Marcelle stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to dish a little tea on  Why her and Lance Gross broke up   Why she didn’t stay with Flo-Rida and if he left her for Melyssa Ford  well Eva let us all know the reason why her and Flo broke up  and says that Melyssa Ford only wanted Flo Rida for his money and  only after she saw her dating him…

Draya speaks on Chris Brown and Karrueche


Everyone in the  blogosphere world want to know  What’s up with Draya,Karrueche and Chris Brown? The first is always “How can she be friends with someone who used to be with her man and the second question is always Do you guys do 3somes? Draya was on The Breakfast Club in New York City on Friday and Draya finally cleared the air and put everyone on  about what goes on when Her,C-Breezy and Karrueche get together

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