Did Gabrielle Union Expose Beyonce’s true age?

So I was doing some research on the Gabrielle Union story and by mistake  I came across this old interview with Gabby. In the Interview Gabby ( who at the time  was 36 ) made this statement ” Bey and I have been friends  since we were teenagers”  hmm  At this time  she was 9 years older  than Beyoncé ..   Here is the story judge for yourself. There was also some dude on GMA who said he went to high school with Beyoncé and he is 35 ..  WE report you decide  Click Here


MY WORD: Remember in the legendary Jackson Five movie when Barry Gordy told Michael to lie about his age because you appeal more to a younger  crowd  .. I also heard  long time ago she was older  and I always thought she was the same age as the lead singer of Allure. hmm Isn’t she around 35?  Just Saying      Embrace your age Bey

Attn Ladies: The Bikini Basketball League are looking for players


I am going to love being outdoor salesman for this portfolio. The New B.B.L is looking for players to fill its league. If you can play basketball and look at great in a bikini  then this is the place for you. Contact @BikiniBallPRES 4info…   Damn I got some suggestions  in case you are wondering what is the look they are looking for  check this out

The league is looking for players in Los Angeles,Miami and New York

Here are some of the players and teams


Kendall &Kylie Jenner walk in Sherri Hill Spring 2013 show


The Kardashians have their own Brand now Kylie and Kendall Jenner are out to make their own name.

I don’t agree with Mama Kris letting them miss all this school  they are far too young for that  but Kris Jenner is a beast when it comes to business and she is going to have these Young ladies  go for it  right now

Read Story Here


Do you have a problem with Kris Jenner  letting Kendall(16) drop out of School?

Evelyn Lozada to divorce Chad Johnson


Well sheesh at least Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries lasted for 72 days. I am going to assume that people won’t make a big deal out of this though. Evelyn Lozada was Evelyn Ocho-Cinco Johnson for 42 days she is now filing for divorce from Husband Chad Johnson after a domestic  left her with a laceration on her forehead from a head-butt from her husband..  Lozada says the domestic violence coupled with Chad showing no remorse and not wanting to take responsibility for his actions  by trying to  blame her and lying to the police.


Breaking News: Chad Johnson arrested for Domestic Violence on Basketball Wives star

Breaking News


Shit! that was quick   Chad  just now realizing  he got a hoe on his hands? Well let me not jump the gun  but hey  Evelyn Lozada never hood what she was about  so Pussy Whipped Chaddy should have seen it coming. Again this is all alleged right now  what those condoms were for  but   lmao



OK people now the story is coming together but now it makes less sense then it previously did.

As we reported earlier from a tip  from TMZ  Chad Johnson had been arrested  for A alleged altercation with his new wife Evelyn Lozada from VH1’s Basketball wives. I originally thought that the incident took place because Chad found a receipt for some condoms that Evelyn had bought but NOW we find out it was the other way around. Evelyn found  a receipt for some condoms that Chad had bought ( hmm they were in a car arguing over possibly another women hmmm doesn’t this sound familiar)

Read Story here

But Hold up! Didn’t Evelyn say that she didn’t mind if Chad Cheated anyway  as long as he protected himself?

This just In Jalen Rose pulled off the air by ESPN for DUI controversy Damn Jalen!

Well I guess this was kind of expected. Jalen Rose NBA analyst for ESPN Jalen Rose for his DUI incident. Rose who has been in the news a lot lately mostly for his comments about the University of Duke and African-Americans that he made in the excellent documentary Fab Five  about his college basketball years playing on A Michigan team with 5 freshman.

The story surrounding his “Uncle Tom” remarks has mostly focused on the accuracy of the term, but the context of the statement — that, ultimately, Rose clearly held that opinion in the past and explained that it was the product of ignorance and bitterness — has proven that Rose is a thoughtful commentator with a too rare amount of self-awareness.

Sadly, that quality makes the latest Rose news all the more disappointing. As reported earlier this week by WDIV in Detroit, Rose was cited for a DUI in early March and neglected to tell anyone at ESPN about the incident. The Poynter Review Project Blog, the network’s ombudsman, rightfully noted Thursday that the situation has compromised ESPN. And now, as reported by Michael McCarthy at USA Today, Rose has been pulled off the air:

ESPN is pulling Jalen Rose off the air after a report found the NBA basketball analyst waited almost three weeks to tell his employers about his arrest in Michigan on suspicion of drunk driving.

“Jalen has accepted full responsibility for his actions. Both parties are taking this very seriously, and as a result, we’ve agreed that he will not be on our air while he addresses this situation,” said ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz in an email to Game On!

To clarify, Rose has not been fired or officially suspended — he’s just off the air for the time being as ESPN sorts out what should be done. However, it wouldn’t be shocking if they parted ways, which would be a sad turn of events given that Rose’s profile as a commentator has only become larger since the Fab Five documentary aired last month.

At the same time, it’s likely that Rose would not have been given such brand-building attention if his DUI arrest had become public knowledge. He should have told ESPN about his troubles, but the decision not to could very well have been influenced by the need to promote his documentary. There were considerations here beyond his responsibilities to his employer. While that doesn’t excuse his actions, it does help explain them.

Still, even with this DUI controversy becoming an issue, it’s likely that Rose will come out of the events of the past month with a net positive gain for his career. His work with the Fab Five doc has been recognized for its thoughtfulness and candor, and more people around basketball are starting to acknowledge that he’s one of the best commentators working today. His career will be fine. That might not be a fair outcome given the seriousness of not being forthcoming about a DUI arrest, but it’s also how the TV business usually works.

Kobe Leads The WEST To Victory In 2011 NBA All-Star Game.

Kobe Bryant writes his own ending to L.A. story at NBA All-Star game

Amid the almost nonstop rumors concerning a potential Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks or Nets this week, they somehow managed to squeeze in the NBA’s 60th All-Star Game at Staples Center Sunday night.

Once they tossed it up, Kobe Bryant took it from there.

Not quite an elder statesman but an old man among today’s youthful stars, Bryant overshadowed just about everyone else wearing stars on the back of his jersey. He won his third outright MVP and fourth overall as the West held off the East, 148-143.

Wearing a dozen stars on his uniform to mark his 12th All-Star appearance, Bryant had 37 points, his career high in an All-Star Game, and added 14 rebounds to overcome LeBron James‘ triple-double, only the second in All-Star Game history.

“Being at home, I wanted to come out and put on a good show,” said Bryant, who also shared the MVP two years ago with Shaquille O’Neal. “Playing in front of the hometown fans, this will be my last All-Star Game here at home. So it’s great.”

Performing in his first All-Star Game as a Knick, and the first Knick to start since Patrick Ewing in 1991, Amar’e Stoudemire scored 29 for the East. During the East’s late rally, when it recovered from a 17-point deficit in the fourth quarter, Stoudemire bombed in a big 3-pointer during his 15-point fourth.

But the West got a key put-back basket from Pau Gasol in the final 53 seconds and four foul shots from Chris Paul and Kevin Durant in the final :19 to secure the win. But in the first three quarters, no one could match Bryant, who scored 34, eclipsing his previous best in the game.

“You could tell (the way) he started out, he wanted to get the MVP,” Stoudemire said. “He was not passing the ball, at all.”

Stoudemire scored his first two baskets against Anthony. But they could be teammates in another day or two or maybe by Thursday’s trading deadline.

“The team we have now, it’s not too bad,” Stoudemire said. “But you never know how things may end up in the next few days.”

That’s right, we’re back on ‘Melo watch. The Nets still have a shot, according to Anthony.

“The end is here, and all of this will be over with,” he said after scoring only eight points. “I’m excited for this to be over with and I’m sure everybody else is excited it will be over with.”

This was a Hollywood co-production between the Lakers and Clippers, and Blake Griffin had one of the big highlights of the weekend, winning the dunk contest Saturday night by jumping over a car. Impressive as that was, Bryant was the best dunker on the court Sunday night, by far.

In the third quarter, Bryant might have surprised everyone tuning into the game with a dunk against James. Racing downcourt on a fast break but with James in hot pursuit, he still managed to beat the reigning two-time MVP to the rim.

“I wanted to see if I could avoid the LeBron ‘chase-down,'” he said, referring to James’ propensity to catch up to a would-be dunker and block the shot from behind. “So I just tried to be quick. I snuck it by him.”

But Bryant paid a price for that dunk and all the others. In the fourth quarter, he was out of gas. Thankfully for the West, Durant still had a lot left in his tank as he scored 14 points.

“Look at all the dunks I had,” Bryant said. “The fourth quarter, I had nothing left. I exceeded my dunk quota for the game.”

But obviously not his MVP quota.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

T.O. & Ochocinco LIVE @ The Rucker; Harlem, U.S.A.

Ochocinco and Terrell Owens attended the Entertainers Basketball Classic at Rucker Park in NYC Monday night. Ochocinco was happy just merely coaching, while T.O. got uot there and actually played. And from what I hear, he can hold his own rather nicely.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Lakers /Celtics: 1 Game For ALL The Marbles!


Tonight  Celtics and Lakers will square off in their First Game 7 since 1984 tonight in Staples Center. The Celtics have pretty much Dominated the Lakers in their head to head matchups. The Celtics lead the Lakers 9-2 in Head to Head. The Celtics Franchise also leads The Lakers franchise in Titles 17-15. The Celtics will take the floor tonight without their Center and best inside defensive interior player Kendrick Perkins who tore his knee in game 6.  I predicted the Lakers in 7 from the start I’m staying with that pick even though as a Lakers fan i am very nervous

MY WORD VS YOURS If Kobe Bryant wins his 5th Lakers championship  coupled with now being the All Time Scoring leader in Lakers History he will not only in my mind be in talks for 1 of the 3 best Lakers ever but he will be in talks for one of the top 3 Players in the History Of  The NBA

What Did Kobe think of Lebron’s Collaspe?

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP)—Nike can put those puppets back on the shelf for another summer. Basketball historians anticipating the real-life answers to a delicious theoretical debate must keep waiting.

LeBron is gone, from the playoffs and maybe from Cleveland. James’ long-anticipated NBA finals clash with Kobe Bryant(notes) is off again, and it’s now distinctly possible it will never happen.

Yet if Bryant was even slightly disappointed to learn that James won’t be showing up for a possible career-defining showdown, the Los Angeles Lakers star isn’t letting on.

Bryant had almost nothing to say Friday about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff elimination, which ruined the best chance yet for a finals meeting with James.

“I don’t know,” Bryant said when asked what he thought of Boston’s Game 6 victory, before an awkward silence with the phalanx of television cameras and digital recorders pointed at him in a back corner of the Lakers’ training complex.

Surely Bryant realizes the anticipation was extra-high this spring, after the superstars’ teams finished atop their respective conferences with two of the NBA’s top three records. Nike certainly spent many months hoping for the showcase of two top clients, building that unusual advertising campaign around their puppet replicas.

But while James begins his offseason, Bryant is still standing—albeit on a gimpy ankle—after persevering through an injury-riddled year. The veteran star won’t slow down for the Western Conference finals just because King James isn’t waiting on the other side.

The series against the Phoenix Suns begins Monday night in Los Angeles.

“We have a huge challenge on our hands with the things that they run and how they play,” Bryant said. “You have to control the pace and control the turnovers.”

Bryant didn’t practice again for the Lakers, giving him four straight days off the court following their second-round sweep of the Utah Jazz. Bryant needs every possible minute to rest his troublesome ankle, his arthritic finger and a few other maladies that have turned this season into a grind.

Bryant is expected back in practice Saturday along with center Andrew Bynum(notes), who also had four days off to lower the swelling in his injured knee.

Bryant’s teammates were a bit less guarded with their opinions on the seismic shift in the Eastern Conference following the Cavs’ ouster, with Lamar Odom(notes) and Pau Gasol(notes) both expressing surprise at the result. The East final now matches the Lakers’ last two opponents in the NBA finals.

“It’s a little surprising, but obviously Boston has raised their level from the regular season,” Gasol said. “We know they’re a good team that’s capable of doing that, and Cleveland is out.”

Gasol also had a more practical interest: Cleveland would have had home court advantage in an NBA finals meeting after finishing with the league’s best regular-season record. Orlando also won two more games than the Lakers in the regular season.

“It’s good, because if you have to want to play someone in the finals, you want to have the home court advantage,” Gasol said. “I guess it’s good that one of the teams is out, but we still have to focus on getting there first.”

For that, they’ll need Bryant’s best efforts against the high-scoring Suns and their improved defense. Bryant has scored at least 30 points in five straight playoff games, making more than 52 percent of his shots against Utah.

Although he rarely acknowledges it in words, Bryant has always seemed to bristle at the suggestion that his basketball pre-eminence is linked to anybody else.

His partnership with Shaquille O’Neal(notes) produced three straight championships and four NBA finals trips in its final five years, yet concluded with Shaq’s abrupt departure amid widespread belief Bryant wanted to be the Lakers’ lone superstar.

Bryant’s teammates believe those titles, along with the ring he won last summer with a near-replica of his current team, will be the biggest difference between Bryant and James until LeBron puts a few pieces of jewelry on his ringless hand.

“Kobe doesn’t have to compare himself to anybody,” said Lakers guard Derek Fisher(notes), also a four-time champion. “Everybody on our team knows what he means to this team and this game of basketball. That kind of speculation isn’t anything real.”

MY word VS Yours     I am a die-hard Laker fan so you know I’m always gonna ride with Kobe but this is simply what separates Kobe from Lebron and the rest of the pack. Kobe is a winner, a killer on the court  Lebron James has yet to develop those instincts