Told U So ! Breaking News: Beyonce Pregnant with Baby #2

Breaking News


Y’all going to continue to doubt Hollywood? I remember when I  saw  Beyoncé  a few weeks ago walking in New York I said   She Been eating good,  then I said hold up she look pregnant, I then decided to put it put there  remembering an interview she did recently where she spoke about having babies very close together’  All of the blogs picked up  on the story and printed it as their own. Beyoncé stans didn’t want to believe it saying it was a ” fake story”  and  ” im just hating on Bey’ (Huh)?  WELLL GUESS WHAT? IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED  BEYONCE IS REPORTEDLY PREGNANT …The Daily News  who gets their news from   TMZ  has confirmed this story   Read Here


Australian BBall Player Liz Cambage Says Kobe Bryant and Stephanie Rice creeping



Sounds like Liz Cambage is a little Jelly  that Kobe isn’t trying to sling his “Black Mamba” her way. She is on Twitter snitching on Stephanie Rice  saying that Kobe is creeping with Swimmer Stephanie Rice

What a Hater    Vanessa never believe a hater who just wants your husband

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Michael Jordan Takes more shots at “King James” ” I would have never joined my competition”

This Lebron James thing just will not die. Just when we thought it was over. Michael Jordan who said last week that “Kobe was better than Lebron had some more choice words for “King James”  “I would have never called up Magic or Larry and said” hey let’s go play together’ I wanted to beat those guys but hey I guess that is these kids of today” Charles Barkley a good friend of Jordan said the same thing.” I like Lebron but i think this will take away from his greatness you should carry “your’ team to greatness that is what makes you great” I don’t think in the history of sports you can find a two-time defending MVP leaving to go play with other people.”

Whoopi is Mad because we don’t believe her Goes off on during her show”The View”

Apparently not only us here at thought Whoopi “Coon’ Goldberg was insane herself for coming to the defense of racist Mel Gibson. Whoopi speaks today on her show “The View” and says that people are cowards for calling her office and yelling at the girl who answered the phone”. “The same thing you accused Mel Gibson of doing you did to this young lady who you don’t even know?”

Take a look at what this ugly sellout had to say

Whoopi you would eat 10 pounds of the white man’s shit then ask the Dr will 10 more kill you.. Uncle Tomasina ass bitch

Major Collapse LeBron’s Cavs Ousted Again in the Playoffs Underdogs Celts Shock Cavs

In 2007 when Lebron James took his young Cavaliers team to the NBA Finals Chris Broussard of ESPN said with confidence after The Cavs got swept in 4 games that he felt James “would win 2 or 3 championships in the next 5 years”Well if this is going to happen Chris ( who just happens to be the biggest LeBron  groupie)  It’s going to have to happen  on another team. Lebron James after another major collapse in the post season (2 straight years of having the best record and not even reaching the finals) walked off the floor  at the TD Garden in Boston last night and removed his Cleveland Cavalier jersey possibly for the last time. The Boston Celtics who not many people gave a chance(especially Charles Barkley) showed once again that 12 men are better than 1 and  4 Jermaine Jackson’s 2 Marlon Jackson’s A Jackie and a couple of Tito’s are better than 1 Michael. James had a great game despite 9 turnovers  he finished with a Triple-Double 27-19-10, but other than Mo Williams who scored 22 points (20 in the first half)The Cavs got nothing from their other 10 players. The Boston Celtics meanwhile had 5 guys in Double Figures including Rasheed Wallace who added 13 off the bench. After the game Everyone that picked the Cavs and pretty much disrespected the Celtics all tried to diffuse the situation by talking about where James would be playing next year. Well that’s a conversation for a different day. As of today he is a Cleveland Cavalier and we just watched his Team Collapse for the 2nd straight year.  If you are going to be called the King, if you are the so-called Heir Apparent, If you are the”best player in the NBA and the back to back NBA MVP then you have to find  a way to get your team home in a year in which you had home court advantage again!!! As previously stated all year-long Kobe is still King and as for right now LeBron has to remain Prince James  “Oww Oop”

My Word:  I told everyone that Kobe Bryant  was still the best player in the NBA I got yelled at,laughed at and mocked. Who’s laughing now?

Kobe Returns With A Bang Hit’s Game Winning 3 Pointer With seconds Left To Beat Grizzlies

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant(notes), right, shoots over Memphis Grizzlies  center Marc Gasol(notes) (33) of Spain in the second half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010 in Memphis, Tenn. The Lakers beat the Grizzlies 99-98.

It was like  he never even left. Kobe Bryant returned to the Lakers after missing 5 games and the All Star game to score 32 points including another clutch game winning 3 point shot with about 5 seconds left to play. Bryant had tied the game with a Three with under a minute to play. O.J Mayo went to the free throw line with the Grizzlies holding a 2 point lead and missed both Free Throws. The Lakers had trailed by 5 with only 40 seconds left. Bryant slipped behind a Pau Gasol screen to get a wide open look at a 3 from the right side of the arch to give the Lakers a 99-98 lead.Mayo’s last attempt was a fade away from 20 ft with the 7ft Gasol in his face and it hit the side of the rim and bounced to the left of the basket. Bryant scored the final nine points for the Lakers . Gasol added 22 points. “Every time it feels like the first time,” said Bryant when asked about the feeling of hitting a game winning shot

Ray j and Kim Kardashian to reconcile on valentines day

rtjr45ok like i previously reported my prediction of Ray J and Kim K getting back together, I now have even more confirmation that Ray-J and Kimmy has defitnetly been talking a lot more since Kim’s breakup with Reggie Bush. As everyone knows Ray-J has never really seen eye to eye with Reg” A source close to Ray J said.”Ray has  always felt like reggie had his seconds” Said the siurce who would like to be referred to as “smoke”  It is said that Ray and Kim will sit down and talk and may even plan a vacation together where they will not travel together but plan on coming back together.”They were just mad at each other they never stopped loving each other”said smoke. These shows Ray had were only to try and make Kim jealous he knew he couldn’t be with anyone but Kim”  It was told to me that Ray and Kim will take this vacation around valentines Day    stay tuned.  n Remember who told u first