Exclusive new Joint L.O. FT Di-Leek All Week


Mr 25-8 is back with yet another ball  of fire to throw at your motherf**king Head.   This new Joint FT Di-Leek  is called All Week.  The Long Island native   never seems to fail to deliver a hard street/club track with a solid and always relevant flow, The number 1 thing you know you’re getting from L Dot O dot Flow hot    is BARS

Be on The Look out ” StakczDaDon#OMFT Live at SOB’s


When I make a call on a certain artist? it’s usually right on point  and I told you about this artist a while back Click here if You Don’t Remember  Here is StakczDaDon live at SOB’s in New York City  performing songs from his latest EP ” The Pre Show”    Go hit up stakcz  @stakczdadon

Keith Murray Shuts Down The Breakfast Club with a Freestyle

Keith Murray At The Breakfast Club: Bullying Rappers, Dragging Prodigy, Fredro Starr (Video)

Maybe one of the realist rappers to ever pick up the mic Keith Murray  stopped by the Breakfast Club  to promote his Battle on Sept 28 vs Fredro Starr.. The Breakfast club actually asked him to drop some bars  and boy did Murray answer the call

Did Beyonce and Lil Kim Ambush Nicki Minaj with New diss

lil-kim-vs-nicki-minaj       I have exclusive word  that the new Flawless remix  with Lil Kim dissing Nicki Minaj was orchestrated by Beyoncé.  Word has it Nicki and Beyoncé has never really been close  but Beyoncé and Kimmy Blanco has always had a good relationship. Well from what I am being told Beyoncé let Kim know that Nicki Minaj was getting on the remix and even gave Kimmy the rundown on  Nicki calling herself ” The Queen of Rap”  Kim within 24 hours responded to the Flawless remix adding her verse   Here is the drop Continue reading

Drake says ” He & J Cole “are the only 2 kings in Hip Hop right now”

Will Smith raps at Gabrielle Union’s Bday Party

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Gabrielle Union at the San Francisco Blackberr...


Once you got it  you truly never lose it and Will Smith AKA The Fresh Prince is a talent that will always be talented.

He grabbed the mic at Gabrielle Union’s 40th Bday party and broke out a freestyle  followed by Summertime and the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Will had the crowd rocking like a true  Emcee does.  Doug E Fresh on the beat box still doesn’t seem to age

New Video Diced Pineapples Rick Ross Ft Wale and Drake Review



Say what you want about Ross,call him fat,ugly,black  call him whatever you want  a ex cop whatever  but this dude got bars and he knows how to make hits.. His latest cut Diced Pineapples has a hot new video that brings you back to the late 90’s feel when they era of Video girls had just began. They bring along 3 of the baddest women they can find to play their girls in the video including Sophia Marie  playing Drake’s girl. Wow!!!   Great Job by the fellas  and the Boss keeps pumping out hits  Whua

DMX spittin venom at Drake “Back In The Day I Would Catch Drake In The Elevator And Beat Him Down For This Aaliyah Mess!”


Well we knew Missy wasn’t pleased we know Timberland is upset at Drake  but now DMX has taken it to another level. In a recent interview with Power 105.1  explains how he thinks it’s disrespectful of Drake to do this  and he continues to let us know he does not like Drake


DMX disses Nicki Minaj,speaks on How much money he is getting now and what bitches really want

The one and only DMX is back with a new album entitled  Undisputed and he is excited about his new material. He sat down and talked about Nicki Minaj and her alter egos, Hip Hop today and  the amount of money he is getting now

The Interview

DMX will forever be the man in my eyes, This man took Def Jam on his back along with Redman and Ja Rule and made it Relevant again  then after rule and Red kinda took a little bit of a slide X kept it going. I think he is truly  the Underrated  and Undisputed champion of  90’s Def Jam Solo Artist