Spotted!! Evelyn Lozada comes out of hiding

There she is. Hat covering her head that has snitches in it. Evelyn Lozada was seen in Florida for the first time since the Head Butting incident with Chad Johnson, As we reported before Evelyn is suffering from depression and will not be seen without her hat until her forehead is completely healed


Kim Kardashian’s Hawaiian Vacation Pics


Kim is as on fire as i can remember. She is putting out Photo shoot after photo shoot,magazine feature after magazine feature and she just seems to get hotter as the days go on.Check out her latest pics

Now some couple pics of her and Yeezy at Yogurtland.   Tell me you aren’t falling in love with these 2 and I’ll call you a liar




Revealed:The steamy photos that exposed Kristen Stewart


Sometimes even trash mags like The National Enquirer The Star and um The Sun luck up and actually run into a REAL story, I mean the odds are if you have paps posted out on every damn corner of the world 24 hours a day that one day your going to actually have a legit and sometimes damaging story falls in your lap  and that is what happen with Kristen Stewart. As we know a week ago Kristen admitted to the world that she had cheated on her  co-star boyfriend Robert Pattinson whom she had been dating since the 2 met on the set of Twilight in 2008. Here are the steamy revealing pics that made Kristen feel like” well i don’t want him to find out like this and these f****ng paps  got me dead to rights”

Steamy Pics

Oh Well I got to admit it, I love when Hollywood couples break up well except the ones I like  such as Kim and Kanye, but that goes to show anytime those couples that meet on the set of films especially the young ones such as Kristen and just because they have steamy love scenes in the film they get all emotional and start thinking they really love that person. I can see if your already in the prime of your life like Angelina and Brad were but these 2 were youngins and she went to the old head for that SATISFACTION  I ain’t mad at her


Mister Cee Arrested For “Public Lewdness” … With A MAN!!???

dl celebrities dj mister cee mugshot

The rumor mill is spinning outta control about legendary hip-hop DJ/ Hot 97 on air personality DJ Mister Cee being arrested last Wednesday for “Public Lewdness.” And although it is not specified as to what the act is, the allegations are swirling that Cee was in fact busted receiving oral sex from a tranny hooker.

Naturally, Cee is denying it. According to the hip-hop vet- who introduced the world to Big Daddy Kane & Notorious B.I.G. – he was alone in his car when he was detained.“Never was i in a car with anyone when i was detained.. The facts will come out and show what is being reported is totally untrue,” said Cee via his twitter account.

We gonna see …

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

CBS’ Concerns About Charlie Sheen.

Actor Charlie Sheen, 45, has been in the headlines frequently over the past year due to a messy split from his wife Brooke Mueller and after allegedly trashing a hotel suite while in the company of a adult film star in New York. Despite his hard partying, CBS Entertainment Chief Nina Tassler insists Sheen, who is the highest paid actor on primetime comedy TV, still does his job well.

“Charlie is professional,” she adds. “He comes to work. He does his job extremely well. It’s very complicated … The show is a hit, and that’s all I have to say.” Tassler also says that Sheen “knows the level of concern we have,” but that the network has no plans to change anything about the show.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Raz. B Behind False Omarion Bisexuality Confession!!???

“Check it out ‘I DID NOT RELEASE THAT STATEMENT’,whatever you like is your business but I AINT GAY OR BISEXUAL, I love women PERIOD!!!!!!!”- Omarion.

And this sh*t here keeps on like a soap opera. Earlier, I posted a blog with a press statement allegedly from former B2K lead singer- Omarion– confessing his bisexuality. But now, not only is Omarion denying the claim, it appears as though his former band mate Raz. B is behind the entire hoax!

Somebody really better get this boy some help before he winds up in someone’s morgue. He is tampering with careers & reputations. And although most would like to believe we live in a more tolerant & accepting society, the fact remains that a male singer has to be able to appeal to his female audience. Sure, he’ll have a gay audience as well. But those young men may also be closeted, therefore making them unable to support him fully. So he still needs the ladies. And when you unleash rumors of this magnitude, that could lead to irreversible damage. Raz better fall back.

And regardless of what I may have heard about Omarion back in the day, I should have known it was a false statement. The press release read too similar to Ricky Martin‘s coming out statement. Damn. Should’ve got a better ghost writer for that.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Jay-“X” Drops In At Starbucks.

If you’re in a Starbucks and the guy next to you identifies himself to the counterman as “X,” it’s probably Jay-Z. The mogul/musician was spotted in the branch on 49th and Madison, where he was overheard politely placing an order for a venti hot chocolate. A spy reports that when the barista asked his name — for it to be called out when his order was ready Jay replied “X,” adding, “I know, it’s not a name, it’s a letter, I know.” He then picked up his order at the end of the counter and stealthily slipped out unnoticed by the staff.
-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Weaves Catch Fire At Diddy’s LTTP Party.

Diddy had a listening party the other night for his latest release Last Train To Paris.  In the building was Swizz Beats, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Usher & Kevin Hart, who did some hosting. He did a segment in what looked like a bathroom, where a beautiful young lady was splashing around in the tub. After a few moments of her frolicking, her hair catches fire & it’s all caught on film. Check it out & enjoy the laugh.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

GANGSTA OF THE WEEK: Dad Castrates Man For Sleeping w/Underage Daughter.

A German man allegedly used a bread knife to castrate a 57-year-old man who dated his 17-year-old daughter, authorities say.
Angry that his teenage daughter was dating an older man, a German dad went to the 57-year-old’s home and castrated him with a bread knife, police said. Helmut Seifert, originally from Russia, recently pled guilty to attacking Phillip Genscher, according to London’s Telegraph. “I saw it as my duty as a father,” the 47-year-old father allegedly told police. With the help of two of his co-workers, he went to Genscher’s home in Bielefeld, in northern Germany. “[Genscher] was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated,” police said, the Telegraph reports. “The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator.”

The father has not revealed the identity of the men who helped him. He is expected to go on trial next year.

Yo, That’s Some GANGSTA ISH If I’ve Ever Heard It. (smh) But I ain’t mad at him.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Selita Banks & Mehcad Brooks Coupled Up?

Life imitates art for Victoria’s Secret beauty Selita Ebanks and handsome Calvin Klein hunk Mehcad Brooks. The duo, who appear as boyfriend and girlfriend in a commercial for State Farm, were spotted at Whiskey Blue at the W Atlanta Buckhead getting cozy over a bottle of Hennessy and strawberries. They later hit the floor, where a witness said, “They were dancing very close and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.” Their reps didn’t get back to us.
-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.