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Television Review: Empire

Has the “Lyon” Lost its roar? I’d say yes if Creator Lee Daniels does not correct this on going problem that has plagued this show since its birth.

Everyone was excited about the new hit music/drama series Empire when it debuted last year on FOX. The star power, the drama and of course the music. All factors in the huge success of the show last season, and only 1 of those factors have been consistent. The music has been mediocre at best and the drama, well it’s just been dramatic but not the least bit powerful, or comprehensive.  Last season the show built up to a 2-hour who’s who of cameos finale full of NOTHING!

Unfortunately Empire has followed suit in the season 2 premiere. We pick up 4 months after the incarceration of Luscious Lyon and although they are still standing, the record company is apparently in shambles. Jamal is struggling to keep up as CEO and recording artist. Hakeem is battling his feelings about his father killing his uncle Bunky and turning the Empire over to his older brother Jamal. While Andre STILL struggles to find his identity and himself, waking up in cold sweats from his nightmares of killing his uncle Vernon (a crime not even in question at the moment).

Cookie is doing what she has been doing since she got out of prison, trying to take over the company.  A coup d’état to be exact, She is plotting with Andre and Hakeem to snatch the Empire while Luscious is incarcerated and seemingly helpless.  However Jamal (although distracted with his lack of music production, love life and running the company) under the instruction of his father foils their plan as if he was one of those “meddling kids from Scooby Doo”. The episode was as predictable as it was cliché. Staying true to the formula that has worked thus far, a bunch of cameos from big stars, unrealistic castings and virtually NO character development and even LESS storytelling.

The bottom line is this show had lots of promise to it. However I feel creator Lee Daniels is more interested in promoting his Gay Agenda and dazzling you with eye candy than actually tell a great story.  He has already admitting to selling out if he feels it necessary, so I guess that’s what he is feeling, more POWER to him. (Pun intended)

Rating 2 out of 5 REELS

By DaDirector

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