Couple Alert? Guess What Legend Is Interested in Tahiry?

We all know what a looker Tahiry Jose is and up until now most considered her just to be  an “Urban Personality ” who’s look would not transfer to the mainstream . Well think again. Word on the Blok this legend is totally interested in Tahiry 

None other than  his “Royal badness”  Prince..  According to our street reporters  Tahiry was in attendance to watch Prince Perform and for a moment the 2 locked eyes and I heard Prince was so intrigued he could not stop looking at Tahiry. The word is that Prince   asked people  “Who is that ?she is amazing”. The reporter stated to me that Prince  sent his number to Tahiry and the two will be discussing some sought of get together”  Developing..

To prove what I’m saying  check out Tahiry’s Instagram post about  seeing Prince 

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