Violent History Being Revealed Between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon




As you know there is a police investigation taking place  to find out any information on what happened the night Bobbi Krissy was found face first in her Bathtub.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon‘s violent relationship was well-known among their friends … and sources tell us it was fueled by jealousy — but not the kind you’d expect. 

Sources close to the couple tell us … their spats, which sometimes resulted in domestic violence, were almost always triggered by Nick’s jealousy over Bobbi Kristina’s fame. He felt he was also Whitney Houston‘s child since he grew up with her and could not understand why people focused on Bobbi.

One recent example … they were trying to get their own TV show but when Nick wasn’t offered the same deal as Bobbi Kristina they turned it down.

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MY WORD: Is this dude serious? You were not Whitney’s real son and If you were  why did you marry your sister? Oh so you want to be Bobbi Kristina’s  real brother went it comes to the money but you want to be her foster-brother when it comes to Bobbi Krissy’s Pussy    Boy bye

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