Amber Rose Breaks The Internet With More Pics

Amber Rose is not that girl to be outdone  especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian. Unless you have been living on planet mars  we all  know a month ago  Kim attempted to “break the Internet” with Pictures of her Phat bare ass  for a small Magazine called Paper Magazine. After Kim showed Frontal and Back nudity the entire internet crowned her  the “Internet queen”  Up until now

Amber Rose  the former  girlfriend of Kim’s current Husband Kanye West, has always been known  for her killer curves her blonde hair and a booty that doesn’t quit. She has also been looked at as being the female with the “Natural body”. While everyone seems to think that top booties  like Nicki Minaj,Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s  body parts are fake  you never got that impression  of Amber.   Check out the pics that have set this world on Fire 

MY WORD:  Kim? It’s on you mama  these pics are serioussss

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