President Obama shuts it Down! At the S.O.T.U.A


President Obama Delivers Sixth State of the Union Speech - Watch Now!

President Barack Obama delivered his 6th State Of The Union Address Speech  and boy was he ever on his game.

I have no more campaigns to run–(‘yea aight,’ snarks, haters, mumbling from the audience)–I know because I won both of them. My only agenda is to do what I think is best for America…It’s 2015, it’s time. Let’s stay ahead of the curve. We should lay the rules. We should level the playing field. We can achieve it, together. Everybody matters.”

The pres spoke on everything from High School Graduates being at an all time high and Gas being at the lowest we have seen it in a decade, The Pres was talking that talk.   Check out the video and Summary Via Inflexwetrust



MY WORD: Truth, Hit em with facts Pres. Finish this presidency off strong

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