Exclusive! Russell Simmons Nephew Says ‘Gay& Cult Like Rituals at Def Jam

Russell Simmons

The Following Post are not Necessarily The Views of HH.me but they are  the printed words of   Nephew of Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons


Everyone knows I am a big believer of The Illuminati in People sell their souls for certain spots,In people worshiping the devil  all of that is 100% real to me especially when it comes to Big Money

Jamel Simmons aka Redrum of the Horrorcore group, The Flatlinerz. This is the group that was signed to Def Jam as the genre of music got popular. They  don’t stop the accusations at Def Jam and Russ either, they go into talking about Jay Z and more! In this exclusive interview with the Murder Master Music Show ugs4life.com – they say a lot of s**t. Read excerpts from the interview below.

We Report u decide   check out this bombshell

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My WORD: I have asked several people in the music business artist, producers, the same question  and they all respond the same way ” what do you think? I’m not going to say anything  to get myself  in trouble  but  what do you think?”      I will continue to say the same thing   There is a reason why only certain people are on top and has stayed on top and never fell off. Do you think  they are just that much more talented than everyone else? Did all of the dopest rappers and RnB singers just wake up one day and forget how to make hits? Come on Son

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