Exclusive: Uh Oh Nicki Minaj Ex Safaree out on date with Rihanna


Scaff Beezy aka Safaree Samuels the recently ex-boyfriend and ex hype man to Pop/Hip Hop superstar Nicki Minaj was out  driving around Hollywood in a hot 2 seater with Rihanna

Lookalike  Model Candice Brook


Don’t know much about Candice except that she is a model and she occasionally hangs with  ole fine ass Karrueche Tran.  Meanwhile Nicki Minaj responded with a selfie  of her and her RUMORED new man  Meek Millz


Now Nicki has denied on more than one occasion that her and Meek are just good friends and he is like ” her little brother”  But where have we heard that before?  Everyone says they are “Just friends” until they can’t no longer take it being a secret, Nobody really believes that stuff.


Check out video of Scaff Beezy and Candice getting out of the ill red  two-seater and Candice even boast to the Paps  that ” Safaree has given her more roses than that before” when the Paps commented on the two giving each other roses



MY WORD:  I think SCaff Beezy is trying to hurt Nicki’s feelings  but at the same time  I feel as thought Nicki is doing the same thing by tweeting selfies of her and Meek  in which looks to be a very comfortable setting.  Stop it Nick  are you with this dude  or not?  I hope not  cause I want you for myself

Candice is bad  but Nicki is the baddest 


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