Exclusive: Is Amber Rose creeping with Khloe’s boo French Montana?


Uh Oh! Is this the revenge of Amber?  As we know the beautiful Amber Rose is divorced from her Husband rapper Wiz Khalifa and as we also know she was engaged to Kim Kardashian’s now husband  Kanye West. Amber is good friends with Black Chyna (Kim’s Bff)  who reportedly   feels as though Kylie Jenner stole her ex  boo  Tyga from her, Now according to my people over at The Shaderoom, There is proof that Amber is creeping with French Montana   who is Khloe Kadashian’s current boo,  My God this is all so confusing  but we got the exclusive Hot Sugar right here Click Here


I ride for amber   she can do no wrong in my eyes  so i am always gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. If Amber wanted to get Kim back she would just go take Kanye back  because everyone knows she could get him if she really wanted him

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