Rihanna Navy Shuts Down Karrueche’s Instagram

What Rihanna navy have to do with this Chris Brown/Karrueche beef ? Well for whatever reason they always seem to feel like  they  need to have something to do with Karrueche and Chris. Allegedly members of Rihanna navy reported Karrueche’s instagram as an imposter(because that is the only other way to get a page shut down  if the person isn’t posting inappropriate pics) .  Karrueche quickly took to social media

to dispel the rumors that she deleted her IG account


My WORD: Rihanna navy takes on the attitude  of Rihanna. As hot as Rhi is  she has always been jealous of Karrueche even though she has more money, more status and is badder. Because Chris has never committed to leaving Kae alone  has always bothered Rhi and if it bothers Rihanna  it bothers the NAVY    Mind your business  Navy

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