H.H Special Report : Diddy Slaps Drake outside of Liv over?





Cassie? Twitter?  No! According to sources  Diddy approached Drake over a supposed business deal that the two had discussed in the past. ” They were outside of Liv” says the eyewitness  “it was a peaceful conversation then all of a sudden voices started to raise  next thing  I heard  was a punch or smack” she continues

Diddy then started yelling ” You better respect me  boy  do you know who you talking to?  The young lady says ” Drake was stunned  maybe more surprised than anything and throw in the fact that he was very drunk”    Rumor has it that in the scuffle that proceeded the punch/slap Drake dislocated his shoulder  The female eyewitness said ” I am not gonna confirm or deny that because I do not know”



My WORD: Drake I told you  stay out of this ratchet bullshit, You have the world by the balls right now why do you insist on getting involved in the ” Nigga shit”   and Diddy? aren’t you  almost a billionaire and over 40 years old? you still fighting?




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