Why Kendall Jenner is The Hottest Of Kris’ Daughters

Kris Kardashian Jenner has got to have  the 5 hottest daughters on planet earth. Kim of course is the most famous and the most controversial, Kourtney may be the most normal and Khloe probably the most Likeable. The most rebellious is probably Kylie and I don’t know  the hottest?  While they are all hot  I have to give that title to Kendall.   Kendall combines the tall slender sexy body with out of this world Beauty. She has that ” I don’t care nothing is going to stop me” Attitude and that is so sexy. To top it all off  look How does she responds to all the critics, haters and trolls that she encounters everyday


My WORD: I know I am not the only man who was totally turned on?

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