Nick Cannon Fails Lie Detector Test When Ask Did He Smash Amber Rose

nick cannon

I guess losing one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world  Mariah Carey was not enough  for Nick Cannon, because he is back telling Dick stories again and talking about who he smashed in  the industry. If you remember it was an interview with ” Big Boy”  that ultimately got Nick Divorced  when he went public about 5 women he smashed in the industry  and actually included Mariah Carey(at that time his wife) in the 5.  So now after there have been rumors that he is the main reason behind the break-up of  Amber Rose and Wiz khalifa because he was creeping with Amber(which both of them have denied)  Nick Appears on BBC radio with Charlie Sloth and Charlie  says he has Nick Hooked up to a lie detector  test in which Nick agrees…  Then this happens 


MY WORD: Nick we know you have smashed bad chicks in the industry, you have made that clear in the past, so why do you still feel the need to make this known everywhere you go? Now your trying to make people think you may have smashed more than Kim?  come on Nick  Grow up. I fucks with Nick but  come on dog

BTW Did you really think we Believed you did not smash somebody as Fine as Amber?



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