Beyonce Shuns The AMA’s Because Of Taylor Swift?

As we all seen Sunday night  the American Music Awards was more like the Taylor Swift,One Direction,Iggy Azalea show. One noticeable face that was missing was Beyoncé and from we are hearing that was not by accident. According to a well-known P.R  She gives the REAL reason why Beyoncé did not show

It wasn’t because she was busy or wasn’t nominated or didn’t win. It was because she knew she wasn’t going to get the award she really wanted. Therefore, in her mind, she wasn’t going to be THE star of the show. Yes, she really is that egotistical.

She got her revenge by throwing shade and stealing thunder both before and after the awards show. As one of her colleagues told us, “They had a chance to honor the Queen. They were stupid and decided to honor a Princess instead. So f*ck ‘em.”


MY WORD: I was also told Beyoncé was very insulted especially since Diana Ross gave Taylor Swift the award and everyone knows that one of Beyoncé’s idols is  Diana Ross

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