Did Lisa Bonet Come For Bill Cosby On Social Media?


Everyone was sitting around waiting to see  if one of the Cosby Kids would come forth with a statement  especially  Lisa Bonet. Bonet was criticized and fired by Cosby in the late 80’s for her role in the film Angel Heart.

An Alleged tweet that came from Lisa Bonet’s Twitter account @lilakoi_moon   seem to be speaking on Cosby 

Of course Lisa’s Spin Doctors have since came forth and said that ” Lisa did not tweet about Bill Cosby she has no Twitter account”



MY WORD: I know for a fact that Lisa Bonet in fact did have a twitter account and that was it.  That Twitter account was very active but not every day. She would come touch base with her fans  and followers and talk about these new projects she is involved in . Now If This was a fake account  wouldn’t this person would have mentioned Bill Cosby all together  by name?   This account has now been suspended.  This was in fact Lisa Bonet however I’m sure her publicist has advised her to not make statements about it in public  that is why she is pulling the old  ” I was hacked trick”

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