I Told Y’all Diddy Trying To Get The ” Love of his life” J-Lo back?


Now a few months ago I broke the story  that Sean “Puffy” P-Diddy,Papa Diddy Pop” was attempting to Contact Jennifer Lopez once he heard that she finally free again. Click Here In Case You Forgot

Now all the other Johnny and Jessica come lately’s are confirming my story (better late than never huh?)


TMZ reports. According to entertainment insiders, P. Diddy, aka Sean “Puffy” Combs, ate dinner at Mr. Chows restaurant located in Beverly Hills, but left the place shortly after Jennifer Lopez made her exit. (sipstea) The two were later spotted at Hooray Henry Dance and Night Club in West Hollywood, where they attended a birthday bash for Jessy Terrero. According to witnesses, the two were definitely chit-chatting, and even hugged, though their interactions seemed friendly. An insider told the Daily Mailthat Diddy and J. Lo seemed ‘close and connected.’ (aint puff wit cassie? _this.cud get messy But.dats nun of my bidnez) Since their break-up, the two have remained good friends, (how sweet) P. Diddy is not the only one who can’t shake the memories of Jennifer Lopez. Her ex, Ojani Noa, said that he would never forget her, and that whenever he sees her on the screen, he remembers that he once “had that.” (he hit 1st lol) In an old interview with a tabloid magazine, Jennifer Lopez’s X revealed that sex with the jlo was spontaneous, uninhibited, and passionate, adding that the two made love all over the house.(kinky) Perhaps, Combs remembers the good times with J. Lo as well. Could a reunion between these two be possible? Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy were the hottest power couple in the late 1990s. Now that Jennifer is single, fans are hoping that the love between the powerful African-American mogul and the Puerto Rican beauty can be re-ignited. We’ll see. I think they’ll giv Kanye& Kimmy a run 4they money #sideEyeWatchin #jlo #puffy


MY WORD:  Yall Gonna learn to listen to the Kid  one day   IM OUT CHEYAH

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