Exclusive!! Has Kanye West Been In Contact With Amber Rose? Someone says Yes


Ok here is some HOT SUGAR.   As we know Kanye West is pretty much responsible for bringing Amber Rose to the forefront from when she used to be his boo. 3-years ago Amber told the world that Kanye cheated on her with Kim Kardashian and that was the  main reason (among other things) for their break-up. Now that Amber has left Wiz did she confide in Kanye West?  That’s what ex Porn Star  turn Gossip Columnist Mongle Slade said  Here is the drop Click Here




MY WORD: Kanye and Kim seem very much In LOVE and (How could you blame him) but Kanye and Amber to me always had this connection, like they belong together, As much as I love Kimmie it doesn’t seem that way with those two. Seems like Kanye is very over possessive  of Kim. Do I think Kanye  has been in contact with Amber?  Damn I can’t call this one  so I ain’t touching it but I hope not. I don’t want nobody touching Amber   lmao

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