Chris Brown Calls Harvey From TMZ “The Devil”



I think people are starting to grow tired of TMZ and Harvey Levin. Chris Brown came out with a statement on his Instagram posting a pic of  Levin and calling him A devil who is out to destroy him and others  lives

The post, which he quickly took down, was likely a response to a story that appeared on the gossip site earlier today with the headline, “CHRIS BROWN SHOVES WOMAN Blocks Her Attempted Kiss.”  

The story includes two videos — each of the same moment, but from different angles — that show CB walking through a crowded, loud nightclub while holding hands with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. A woman grabs the X singer’s face, appearing as if she’s trying to kiss him, and he attempts to make his way past her.

“When you look back on your life when it’s that time for you to depart, what can u actually say you’ve accomplished in life?” Brown continued in his photo caption. “Bringing people down and being the number one source for negativity. Life’s too short homie. Find some sort of happiness. You are a grown ass man. God bless you bruh.”


MY WORD: I am sure all the money that TMZ is making him  is making him plenty happy Breezy

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