Is Michael Strahan chopping down co host Kelly Ripa? Kelly says “she needs the 10 inch”

michael strahan

The very first time I saw these  2 together and Kelly jumped up into Michael’s arms and wrapped her legs around him  I said Hmmm interesting. I know you must have chemistry with a person  you do a talk show with or a radio show with every day, Especially  TV because people see you but dayummm these two come across as really knowing each other personally.Check out Kelly talking about 10 inches

Seems like 5.5 Inches is way too small for Kelly. Watch this

3 thoughts on “Is Michael Strahan chopping down co host Kelly Ripa? Kelly says “she needs the 10 inch”

  1. I noticed last week when he placed his hand to blocked the audience and viewers to allow Kelly to measure his tongue on the air.. Kelly made a comment she like a tongue to be so many inches long. Just saying read between her line..Sometimes I think she is having her moment of dating him for a Hour of airtime. You wouldn’t believe she is Happily Married. She have so much Fun with Michael personal speakingon the Show. It’s like that’s the only time she could be herself. It’s Ok if she’s Happy Good Talk show Host.

    • You are probably right I mean hey they have to sell it. People thought Regis and Kathy Lee were gettin it on for years. I don’t know if they really were but I know you have to have that sought of chemistry. Aj and Free Terrence and Roxy But i know from experience when you spend that much time together the odds of you sleeping with each other at least once are very high

    • mike done put that black cock in her at least once i guarantee ir i heard nicole caught them 2 in the hotel thats why she went so crazy

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