H.H Exclusive!! Taylor Swift Has Beef with Katy, Rihanna or Carrie Underwood .Diss Record?


Beef just doesn’t happen in the Hip Hop world, it happens all over and do we have a Huge one for you.

Ok Taylor Swift america s sweetheart Taylor Swift was recently interviewed by the  Rolling Stone  and she revealed a song that she has  coming up on  her new album entitled 1989. Taylor revealed that for years her and a certain person  had  tongue and  cheek relationship’ ‘ I did not know for years whether we were truly friends or not” Until she did something that was so awful that she could never be anything but an enemy”   Well one of my H.H.M Spy witnesses did some digging and found out  this person is none other than  Katy Perry ..  Katy Perry  has seem to grow jealous of Tay Tay as the years went on. She also went and dated John Mayer after Taylor and even stole some background dancers from Taylor’s Red Tour  for her Prism Tour. How do i know?  https://twitter.com/SmilesForT…  check out that Tweet about Katy stealing some back-up dancers off Taylor’s Red Tour

Read The  interview right here  with Rolling Stone magazine Click Here






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