Kim Vs Kendall? Exclusive!!



We All know that Kendall recently wanted to drop her last name when it came to her modeling career, and This week Kendall has taken a page out of her famous half sister’s  book and she has taken it all off  for anew photography book. As we know Kim Just took it off  for her GQ spread  in which she wore nothing but heels. So Kimmie  allegedly challenged Kendall to see  who looked more Amazing Naked. We are told that her Big Sis challenging her really Motivated Kendall  to “knock it out the park “

” Kim was kinda just indulging in some friendly family competition a “source close to  Kendall reveals, but Kendall was not joking she took Kim very serious and is determined to beat her sister..

Take a look at these pics and you tell me  who did it better  Kim or Kendall




MY WORD: OMG Kim   is the baddest woman in show business right now  I’m sorry

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