Blood Brawl On Set of LAHHATL Reunion


We heard about it weeks ago and now we finally got a chance to see it. Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J sparked a huge brawl on the set of  the Love & Hip Hop  Atlanta  Reunion. The reunion was going  along fine until it was time to bring out Joseline and Stevie ( who neither one looked to be in their right state of mind when they walked on stage.

Stevie J and Joseline attacked Benzino and his Fiance’ Althea , when security jumped in to restrain Stevie J  Joseline then attacked Waka FLaka’s wife Tammy knocking her to the floor. Security had to come and remove Stevie J and Joseline who both expressed they were not  sorry  for their actions  only sorry that security was there to hold them

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MY WORD: I love how the host says” despite what’s written Love n Hip Hop does not condone the violence that occurs when cast members take matters into their own Hands ”    PLease  Mona Scott Young  loves it. All of them condone it  or else they would not be on tv promoting that garbage

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