Nude Celeb leaks Here, 100 of celebrities hacked, Kate Upton Sextape

Actress Jennifer Lawrence (Reuters/Eric Thayer)


Maybe up to 100 celebrities are terrified  to find out that nude and risqué’ photos and videos have been leaked online. Jennifer Lawrence,Kate Upton,Ariana Grande and  many other A-list celebrities are all included on the list of Celebrities who’s privacy has been breached and leaked online for the entire world to see.

Are these photos authentic?

Spokespeople for many of the celebrities have come out and confirmed that the photos or videos are of their client Click Here

A Master list of over 100 celebrities were also printed online by the hacker 

master list

And Now the pics

Go to  to see a lot of them for free.  I will not post the links  but they are there. Enjoy.

The Celebs are being sore losers and trying to prosecute anyone who shares the pics, so I won’t share them  I’ll just point you in the right direction


MY WORD: If you don’t want your sh*t out there, don’t put them on  a computer. You know that there are hackers everywhere  and NOTHING is safe when it’s on a cloud. Sorry if it hurts your perfect little images  but  That’s life

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