Exclusive: Kris Jenner& Diddy Sexing? Paying French Montana To Date Khloe?


Kris-Jenner-P-Diddy- ifwt_diddy-kris-2

I was on  my evening calls to Pr Reps and other bloggers as I usually am at night setting up my stories for the next day, when I got a text from a well-known Gossip site publisher.  The Guy that I spoke with is  behind a very well-known  Celebrity gossip site and he emailed me a story.


The following are main excerpts from an email I received August 18th 2014 

Kris Jenner  was very worried about her daughter Khloe Kardashian’s state of mind, she expressed concerned that Khloe would start back to abusing alcohol after her split from Lamar. Kris will do anything  for her children and of course do anything to keep them relevant as well. There was a party thrown   in which Kris Jenner ran into her ” good friend” Sean “Puffy” Combs , it was  there in which Kris invited Diddy to have a “private meeting with her” and discuss a proposition  for him.  Kris asked Diddy for his help.She explained Khloe’s situation and asked him who does he have Hot that could spend some time with Khloe to get her mind off Lamar Odom.  Diddy had mentioned French but said “I think he is involved with Trina” Kris said  “I don’t care if he is  I am not asking him to Marry Khloe I just need someone who is in the public eye and who is Hot. She also expressed  that he had to be  black as she laughed and said because Khloe “don’t do white boys”  Next thing you know Montana was splitting with Trina and all of a sudden pops up with Khloe. They started as simple friends but next thing you know Khloe really started falling for him. I do not know right now whether  Frenchy really likes Khloe or just likes the pay-day he is allegedly getting from Kris and Diddy, who By the way has been allegedly  f***g on the low off and on for a couple of years ..


MY WORD: Wow I could not believe what I was reading  but I know this much. Khloe Kardashian is sexy,fine, down to earth,her body is crazy and she is rich. French Montana isn’t gonna get any better. So If he didn’t “really like Khloe”? I would start  if I was him.. I  am on the fence whether I believe this or not  but the person telling me this story is VERY reliable  and that makes me wonder

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