Kevin Hart& New Fiance Run into Ex wife At strip Club


Everybody say Awkward!! ON the night that Kevin Hart proposed to his girlfriend Eniko Parrish, his ex was premiering her new show  Atlanta Exes. If that wasn’t enough to snatch all the life out of Torrei she later took some of her cast members  to the strip club  and guest who he runs into?  smh

sources say Kevin started to put a little extra mustard on the Hot dog once he noticed his ex-wife there and he and his fiance dropped 40k  on the strippers and drinks  while his ex-wife just sat there with her new guy


MY WORD: Kevin Hart thinks it is so funny now  since he has money and he dropped the woman who stood by his side while he was working in K-Mart. What Goes around? comes around. Once Kevin is no longer hot  let’s see how fast his tall fiance doesn’t start looking for someone else

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