Chris Brown Says He Wants to Knock up Who?

Chris Brown and Karrueche

Well Breezy says he wants to   seed up Karrueche. Yep  The woman who just said like 2 days ago  “he’s not my man”  was seen yet again  playing  girlfriend   frolicking  walking hand in hand  with C Breezy .. Just a few days ago Breezy was caught liking photo shopped pics of  by fans of Him and Rihanna together, He was then seen on vacation  with one of Karrueche’s friends. Kae then commented ” that’s not my man” after the rumors about Chris Hooking up with Kendall Jenner 

Hit the internet, But just again Kae was seen with Breezy and now he says he wants  her to have his baby   check out the drop Bossip



MY WORD: Chris knows  Kae is a good catch  so he wants to seed her up  so she will always have to be associated with him  in some way, Chris knows he will never be loyal to Karrueche  he uses her to make Ri RI jealous and then when Ri is available  he goes running back to her, I am sorry Karrueche would be a fool  to let Breezy impregnate her

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