Chris Brown Got Himself A Kardashian? Karrueche Responds


I told everybody last week  that it was not Kim or Khloe who were still the hottest and most wanted Kardashian sisters, It’s their younger half sisters Kendall and Kylie who seem to be on everyone’s list lately, especially the 18 year-old  Kendall Jenner .. We showed everyone last week a picture with Trey Songz and Chris Brown all over the 2 siblings and it seems like Breezy is taking it to the next level with Kendall

Several Reports are circulating that Breezy and The sexy Kardashian/Jenner sister Kendall are now dating. Here is the drop Click Here


Karrueche had this to say 

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.46.29 PM



My WORD:  I told everyone Kendall was the truth… I know that cookie is amazing

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