Does Shyla Stylez Have her doubts about Christy Mack’s story? I Do

Christy Mack War Machine Together

By Now I am sure you have heard the story about Porn Star Christy Mack getting nearly beat to death by her Boyfriend ” War Machine”  Well Christy’s fans have started fundraisers to raise money for her facial operations and other procedures. Well known  porn star Shyla Stylez  is one who does not feel  as though she is “ALL IN” just yet.  She knows  that Christy was beaten  she also knows that  Christy and War zone  has been in several physical altercations  in the past  yet Mack stayed with Boyfriend War Machine  time after time again, so Stylez let her suspicions known on twitter



Other twitter followers went on to ask Shyla did she think that Christy was making it up

what it seems as though Shyla is saying  is not that Christy made up the story but they may have decided to capitalize on the mainstream publicity and on the money that will be raised by her supporters and peers  and then take all of that  and have no intention of pressing charges on ‘War Machine”    I don’t think Shyla thinks she made it up  however  I am not opposed to thinking this entire thing was staged        stay tune

2 thoughts on “Does Shyla Stylez Have her doubts about Christy Mack’s story? I Do

  1. Read her post plus revised post, littered w, holes in her story, sounds like her douche bag cohort,s lawyer wrote the whole thing… Mark my words, as soon as the holes in her failed murder plot are exposed, scumbag Thomas will dissapear

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