Nicole Murphy moved on Already with Another Athlete

nicole murphy has officially moved on from michael strahan and shes dating another sports legend


Everyone Knows that i think the sun rises and sets around Nicole Murphy ( and that ass ) so this is why I hope this is not true.  Sources say that Nicole Murphy fresh off her break up  with talk show host and former football player and now NFL hall of famer Michael Strahan  is already seeing someone else, Former Athlete Gary Payton. 

Here is the drop   Nicole Murphy was recently seen having a VERY good time with former NBA player Gary Payton this past Thursday at The Pump Group VIP Cocktail Reception in West Hollywood, and the lady was ALL smiles as she showed off her lovely figure in a beautiful dress and her apparent new man!

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MY WORD”  MY thing is this. Look at this women  she is what 46?  she looks amazing  and has one of the phattest asses in Hollywood 


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