Exclusive! Kendall Jenner stole This beauty’s Boyfriend?

kendall jenner and nba 40 million dollar player chandler parsons are apparently dating and guess who set them up

I have been going in about How stunningly beautiful  Kendall Jenner is  and I said  right now  she is probably the most wanted woman in that family. Her tall long legs and natural dark beauty  a long with her no-nonsense confident personality  have men going crazy

Well here is one man  who could not resist the charms of KJ, so much that he has Dumped  his hot sexy girlfriend  for another umm  hot sexy girlfriend. Chandler Parsons  NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks  was dating a ‘ Hot Box Of Rocks” Name  Robyn Crowley  

Kendall  allegedly was linked up with Chandler through a connection from her mother Kris Jenner who meant him at an event.  Now Chandler and Robyn were working through issues  that revolved around Parsons infidelities in the past. A source tells us ” they were past all of their issues and I really thought they had turn  the corner but then Kendall stepped into the picture and Robyn never stood a chance” Parsons was  seemingly mesmerized by Kendall  from the first day  he saw her.     Of course phone calls to the pr team of Chandler Parsons were not returned



MY WORD:  People close to the situation  is saying Robyn is having a harder time dealing with it  than  they expected  smh

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