Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Cheating on Each Other caused Break-up?

nicole murphy feature


Yesterday we hit you with the unfortunate news of the break-up between Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan. It happened to come right before Strahan’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Initial reaction everyone was blaming Nicole  posting hateful comments like ” He is too good for her anyway” and “She’s an opportunist  she has her show now  she doesn’t need him” But then the news Broke early this morning that the reason the couple called it quits is because it was Strahan who was unfaithful Click Here for that story

But now not even 12 hours later  stories of Nicole’s alleged  cheating ways has hit  the internet world TMZ


MY WORD: According to Nicole “her and Michael were on  a break” when she  reportedly took this trip with  ex baller Jim Jackson  but  reps for Strahan are saying something totally different    Until further proven I have to take Nicole’s word


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