Did Beyonce and Lil Kim Ambush Nicki Minaj with New diss

lil-kim-vs-nicki-minaj       I have exclusive word  that the new Flawless remix  with Lil Kim dissing Nicki Minaj was orchestrated by Beyoncé.  Word has it Nicki and Beyoncé has never really been close  but Beyoncé and Kimmy Blanco has always had a good relationship. Well from what I am being told Beyoncé let Kim know that Nicki Minaj was getting on the remix and even gave Kimmy the rundown on  Nicki calling herself ” The Queen of Rap”  Kim within 24 hours responded to the Flawless remix adding her verse   Here is the drop Click Here     MY WORLD: What the drop did not tell you  is that Beyoncé and Nicki had a disagreement over the remix at first because Beyoncé allegedly wanted all 3 girls to go into the studio at the same time  and Nicki said ” absolutely not”



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