Karrueche Dumps Chris Brown For The Last Time (yeah ok)





Karrueche Tran has had enough of Chris Brown and Rihanna. According to TMZ  Kae has been unhappy a long time and she says Breezy is too immature and all  he wants to do is party  but it was  Instagram that broke them up for good. A few days a go a fan made a fan photo of Chris laying in the bed with Rihanna  and Chris liked the photo matter of fact he liked 2. That drove Karrueche crazy and reportedly she said ” You want her that bad  fine  you can have her..  Then she reportedly  changed her number..  Chris  sure didn’t seem to broken up over this  you know what he did? He takes one of Kae’s best friends out of the country with him and then takes a photo so Karrueche could see.  SMH  


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MY WORD: Lets see if Kae means it this time. If i was her I would move on  then when Breezy sees how many other celebs would love a ride or die Like Karrueche he is gonna be sick. DON”T Forgive him Kae

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