What Is Trey Songz Doing Hugged up with a child?

Kylie Jenner and Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner at Chris Brown's House Party

OK Listen! I am not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite, Kendall Jenner is one sexy ass 18-year-old. She is tall slim incredible face got this gorgeous body,young,rich and famous. Any man would be all over her, However Kendall is 18 legal status. Kylie her 16-year-old sister? that’s another story. Singer Trey Songz had to know he would catch flack for these pics


Yes that is Trey in the middle  looking thirsty. As previously stated I can see being all wrapped up and intrigued by Kendall. I saw Kendall in person and I could not believe how stunning she was in person, but Kylie? really Trey? Breezy was also there just not going as hard  Necole Bitchie has the story



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