Jay-z n Kanye done as Friends?



Kanye West once made a song called ‘Big Brother” in which he gave tribute to his mentor  but lately it seems as though  the Brotherly love between the 2 long time friends is coming to an end sought of like  Jay’s  marriage has been rumored to be “on the rocks”     I spoke with a source that is close to  a particular PR and the word is that “Kanye and Jay are not speaking”Kanye is kinds doing his own thing and jay is doing his, Kanye was allegedly  very offended that Jay did not attend his wedding to Kim Kardashian” Kanye was not taking any excuse except death in The family he knows that Jay-z did not appear at his wedding because   Beyoncé constantly talks about ” Kim not being good for their brand and Jay did not want Kanye with Kim  he feels as though it is bad for business”  Kanye  feels as though no matter what he feels about Kim  he should have been at his wedding and been his best man  the fact that Jay did not even attempt to show up  really hurt  Kanye and right now they are not on speaking terms.. Allegedly when the entire Solange/Jay-z fight went down according to an insider Kanye said something a long the lines of ” oh so The queen and King aren’t so perfect after all  what do you know'”

MY WORD: I hope this is not true but if it is  then Kanye I would tell Jay to kick rocks  who is he to say that  anyone is bad for business  especially Kim  who right now generates way more buzz then he does. If anything Kim Kardashian brings business.  If Jay-z no longer wants to deal with Kanye because  of who Kanye decided to marry    than  take heed to my words Yeezy    ” To hell with jay and Bey

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