H.H Exclusive Jay-z Cheating on Beyonce for years with Rihanna?



About A Month ago there was a story all over social media about Jay-z having a mistress for years and the website named RnB Pop singer Mya as the  person that has been involved with Jay-z since the late 90’s. Well being that I know Mya pretty well  I defused those rumors immediately. The story was right on Point,just wrong about the person. Right church wrong Pew . Yes The word around the industry  and has been for years  is that Jay-z has been seeing his protegé and the artist he signed as a 16-year-old  Rihanna   The old stories started around 2006 when Beyoncé put out the song ‘ Ring The Alarm”  most people took it right away as a warning song to Rihanna to “stay away from Jay-z”. Blog sites, websites and media shows all grasped on to the story.. Through the years we have been shown publicly that Rihanna and Beyoncé are not really that close with each other, Strange  since she is Beyoncé’s husband’s main money-maker, yet over the years you have rarely seen them  even in the same aisle together  at any event. the few pics you do find look fake and arranged. Remember the time Jay-z walked up on stage with Rihanna to accept an award and her and jay were walking with Solange’s child hand in hand  with Beyoncé in the audience looking on  Click here if you don’t remember

Shortly thereafter Beyoncé  received a Grammy and said for probably the first time in public ” I love you” to Jay-z  a lot of  people took that as ” Umm he is still my husband  lil girl   Back off..


Chris Brown

When Chris Brown got into the physical altercation with Rihanna  Jay-z seemed to take it harder than Rihanna. Forbidden  Breezy to have any contact with Rihanna.  One source back in 2012 spoke to us at H.H.W.P  and told us  ” Jay-z even said  ” it’s either him or me when he heard of  a possible  reconciliation with C Breezy and Rihanna.  After the last alleged fight between Bey and Jay  right after her Super Bowl performance  in 2013  Bey once again reportedly  referenced Rihanna and how she was sick and tired of the rumors and people coming to her  telling her   that her husband was cheating with the  Bad Gyrl”



Rihanna and Jay laid low for almost a year  the rumors had it after Blue Ivy was born Beyoncé allegedly  insisted that Jay not spend so much time with Rihanna and how he should be concerned with Blue Ivy.. The two seemed to keep themselves distant enough from one another until the night of the Met Gala early this year.   Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles was caught on surveillance  Kicking,slapping,punching and attempting to spit at Jay-z in an elevator of  The Standard Hotel  on May 5th.  Many people wondered what could make Solange   snap and start fighting Jay-z ? Well according to a party Goer that attended the Gala and was present at the same party as Jay-z,Beyoncé  and Solange and she gave her play by-play of what happened http://heavenhollywood.blogspot.com/2014/05/exclusive-party-goer-recaps-what-she.html

Now the stories of Jay-z and Beyoncé on the Rocks and some people have even went so far ahead as to say ” They are as good as over when the tour ends”


Where did you hear that before? Click Here If You Don’t remember


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