H .H Exclusive Nicki Minaj New Thong Pic and Bangs on Iggy Again?



A couple of weeks ago Nicki Minaj  accepted the award for  Best Female rapper   beating out fellow hot female rapper  Iggy Azalea  and at the same time throwing a little shade  Iggy’s way”   Now that Nicki has released the art work for her new single Anaconda  females everywhere  are saying ” Iggy doesn’t have to show her butt  and  calling Nicki Minaj a hoe

Now wait a minute now  Madonna,Beyonce, J Lo ,Gaga, all these people and more can  wear little of nothing, show their tits, show their ass, and they are not hoes  but Nicki Minaj ( even tho she has been with the same dude over 10 years) is a hoe because she shows her ass on a single cover?  People pick and chose who they want to worship and who they are gonna hate on..


In response to all the flack Nicki caught   she released these tweets





Do you Think  Nicki was referring to Iggy in these tweets


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