Diddy and J-Lo reconciliation? H.H Exclusive


“Even Though they have been officially split up  14 years  Sean ” Puffy” Combs has never truly gotten over Jennifer Lopez” Those are the words given to me  by a very reliable source in the industry. Diddy has made  several songs and verses dedicated to Jennifer hinting  for her to “come back  to him  through the years”  Jennifer briefly  revisited the idea after her break up with Ben Affleck in 2004 when she met up with Diddy in Miami without her wedding ring.” While it was never confirmed what actually took place between the Two, a lot of people  who were in Miami  that night says that  they truly believe Diddy and J-Lo got it on that night for the last time”

Since her split from Ex Hubby Mark Anthony Puffy allegedly has been trying extra hard  to get at J-Lo  even when she was dating Casper Diddy would always text her and tease her  making jokes about  Casper being a baby  and how she was robbing the cradle” He would just be joking but  I think Diddy took this as ” It’s only a matter of time  before she sees this dude  for what he is  and my opportunity opens back up.  Now Jennifer always tells Diddy ” you got a wifey   you got more than one wifey’s (referring to Diddy’s relationship  with his artist Cassie and his On again off again relationship with this baby mother Kim Porter. ” Puffy without a doubt has always acknowledge the fact to J-Lo that he is indeed involved with Cassie but did not hesitate to tell her  numerous time ” But if you ever came home  Everybody would be deaded. Period!!!  He without a doubt recognizes J-Lo as the love of his life  and he lets her know about it often.

Will J-Lo ever give in and go back to Diddy? or will she stick  to her guns and just stay friends?

I put a call into a Bad Boy rep who insist  Diddy and J-Lo are just friends”


MY WORD:  I don’t believe that  at all  I believe there is much more to it than friends


3 thoughts on “Diddy and J-Lo reconciliation? H.H Exclusive

  1. I liked them together

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