H.H Exclusive! Janet Jackson & Chris Brown? Whut!!!

021712-music-tweets-of-the-week-chris-brown Janet-Jackson-05-26-12

As we know Janet Jackson once she married  Wissam Al Mana announced her retirement from music, well according to a source  very close to Chris Brown  Janet will be returning to  the music scene late this year on a very sexy  record that Features Breezy himself. Here is The drop

Janet Jackson will team up with Chris Brown in her return back to Music either late 2014 or early 2015. It has yet to be determine  whether this will be  a Chris song a Janet song or a duet but one thing is for sure there has been talks of a video that includes a  hot simulated sex scene as well as an epic dance scene”    stay tuned



MY WORD: This would set the world on its ears. Could you imagine a music video that consist of Janet Jackson and Chris Brown making out and then dancing together? My God    BTW calls to Janet’s camp has yet to be returned but  I have spoken to a member in Breezy’s camp who says ” stay tuned” with a smile 

3 thoughts on “H.H Exclusive! Janet Jackson & Chris Brown? Whut!!!

  1. She has NEVER announced her retirement.

    • I said the same thing….so I don’t believe this article.

      • let me ask you a question why would I lie about janet jackson of all people? nobody checking for her right now if i was gonna make up a lie i would say beyonce or somebody relevant i don’t like breezy why would i want him with Janet? Think about it. I just report you decide. Dont listen if you don’t want to

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