H.H Exclusive: Beyonce and Jay-z Fight On Tour? They don’t speak for Hours


Could this be the end of Beyoncé and Jay Z?


Is this now the On The Rocks Tour?

Seems like everyday we are seeing some new pics from the ” On The Run tour  showing how much Beyoncé and Jay-z are in love with each other, But is all this just a cover up? Well according to a source close to  a  personal road Manager of Beyoncé (she has several) ” this is all a mirage”  Beyoncé and Jay-z marriage is in trouble”  They have had serious issues with their marriage dating all the way back to Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance

The elevator fight between Jay-z and Beyoncé’s sister Solange allegedly over designer Rachel Roy seemed to be the breaking point. Jay and Beyoncé has allegedly participated in  marriage counseling via Skype  according to several sources . “Jay-z and his infidelities has always been the main source of these issues” says this one source , If it was not for this tour already being planned and financed  they would have cancelled it because sometimes  during rehearsal they don’t speak for hours”   


MY WORD:  I told Yall months ago  I got the word that these 2 are allegedly on the brink of divorce  unless a miracle happens  to save their marriage. I would not be surprised  that you could be hearing a major bomb drop after this On The Run Tour  is over

2 thoughts on “H.H Exclusive: Beyonce and Jay-z Fight On Tour? They don’t speak for Hours

  1. Is Jay-Z smushing Solange? And didn’t Jay- Z, Beyonce, and Kelis have a 3 some recently?

    • according to my sources ( and they are pretty reliable) no solange has never been a big fan of Jay-z from the start and i have no one who confirmed that 3some story cause i did ask around about it

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