Who Is Lil Wayne Smashing Now?



Lil Wayne on Wednesday night attended the Espy’s with this hot chick who we all know but has been missing from the scene for a while. This chick Ironically has something in common with one of Wayne’s other baby mammas


Sprung! Christina Milian and Lil Wayne sent the rumour mill into overdrive when they were spotted leaving the BET Awards afterparty at Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood together on Sunday night, less than two weeks after the songstress called off her engagement to Jas Prince

Yep none other than sexy ass Christina Milian . The 2 were seen walking hand in hand at the Espy’s and look at the coy look of Wayne and the ” freshly fucked” look  of Tina.   To answer the question   is this the new hot couple in the industry?

MY WORD: Lil Wayne says no it is just business”   Hmm let’s keep am eye on that  I have heard that line before

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