Kendra Wilkerson’s Husband Cheating With Transsexual

A family rocked by scandal: Hank Baskett, pictured with wife Kendra Wilkinson and son Hank Jr on May 16, has been accused by RadarOnline of cheating with a transsexual in late April - just weeks before this photo was taken


So The Tea on  Twerking ass  Kendra Wilkerson  is that her Unemployed  Football Player Hubby has been cheating on her with a transsexual name  Ava Sabrina London  all the way up until the point where Kendra was  8 Months Pregnant with their 2nd child.  Kendra has allegedly Kicked her husband out of their Home and he is currently living out of  a hotel. Um Allegedly 🙂


New girl: The woman Hank is accused of having an affair with is transsexual Ava Sabrina London - who also goes by the name Ava S Masaniai - pictured here in a Facebook shot

Click Here



MY WORD: Hank if you did this and got caught out there with a Transsexual  over Kendra?  You will be the laughing-stock. Tell Kendra  to pop that sexy bootie over here   I’ll take her


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